Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2007 Toyota Tundra: Water in gas Tank?

This problem occurs many a times the water gets into the Gas/ Fuel Tank.
The water gets in the form of moisture.
 And this causes Check engine light to Come ON.In most of Such cases the O2 Sensor Error codes are noticed.
If the check engine light is on can you get the code numbers read again? Most auto-parts stores do free code reads.
The vehicle skid control and traction control warning lights come on by default when the check engine light is illuminated.

The mostly noticed codes in this cases are P0171 and P0174.

P0171 bank 1 system too lean and P0174 bank 2 system too lean .

When I have an issue with moisture in the tank I by straight rubbing alcohol from the drugstore. This is usually 99% ethanol/alcohol. This will directly mix with water and then allow it to be burn.Or you can add Seafoam to the gas tank.Please note that Seafoam brand which you use should contain Ethanol ion it.If there is no ethanol in it then dont buy the Seafoam.

The only thing that helps with water or moisture in the tank is ethanol. The ethanol mixes with water and allows it to burn out of the system. The P0171 and P0174 codes are probably due to the moisture or bad fuel. When it burns it's not burning as efficient as regular gasoline and this screws up the reading from the AFR sensors. Provided the check engine light is not flashing it will not be necessary to drain this gas out. If you're experiencing any loss of performance or the check engine light starts to flash you will need to drain the bad gas out because this could then cause catalytic converter damage. The only ill effect you will have from these two lean condition codes is that it may lack in performance because it is running slightly lean due to the poor gasoline.

Now Please note and understand this Further Procedure:----
This is important and necessary:---
Now After this dirty old water mix gas gets empty/ over  the Check engine light if its Steady ON dash,this should go out.But if its not Going OFF,then it has to be reset.

Simply remove the negative battery cable in this will clear the memory in the engine control computer. If you start truck and it does not want to idle correctly at that point you will need to clean the throttle plate and bore. If excessive carbon gets built up in there it takes a long time for the memory in the computer to relearn the idle setting.

This details will help.

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