Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2008 Toyota Camry: Air Conditioner Not Performing well due to Faulty Ambient Temperature Sensor?

Yes this problems are seen in some cases but its rare issue.

Under normal conditions no the ambient temperature sensor is not a major player in the performance of the air-conditioner. It is an input to automatic climate control systems but does not determine the overall performance of the air-conditioner.

If you have pushbuttons and a digital readout on your climate control system then you have Automatic Climate Control System.

If your vehicle has automatic climate control there can be an issue in the actual control unit itself which could affect the display. I have seen some of these display units fail and it will give you  two dashes.
The 2 dashes "_ _" on Temperature display panel.

The automatic climate control system is designed to give you a more consistent and responsive, cool air or hot air depending on what is selected, then temperatures. It should still cool to about 35 or 40° at the center vents with the air-conditioner at Max cold. The outlay climate control unit itself is what determines how hot or how cold the air is coming out of the vents. When you have it dialed down to maximum cold temperature the air-conditioner should still produce cold air sufficiently. The ambient temperature sensor is just a minor input to tailor the climate inside the vehicle when using either the air-conditioner or the heater.

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