Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2008 Toyota Camry: Temperature Display Shows Two Dashes?

Two Dashes " _ _ " on Dashboard.
This problem is related to issue with Faulty or loose Ambient Temperature Sensor.

The Location details About Ambient Temperature Sensor:----
The ambient temperature sensor is mounted to the center brace in front of the A/C condenser just down from the latch mechanism under the hood. Make sure this wire is not damaged or the connector damaged. Normally when that circuit is open it displays this type of display that you have.

You can Easily locate the sensor under the hood out by the grill.
See the diagram shown below:-----

Look throught lower grill in the center and under the bumper it looks like the picture below:----

Check and inspect this Sensor and its Connector.

I Suggest and Recommend you to go to this help link and get more help details,related to this same problem:----

2008 Toyota Camry: Air Conditioner Not Performing well due to Faulty Ambient Temperature Sensor?

This will help.

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