Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2007 Toyota RAV4: Battery Warning Light Flashing on Dash?

Its Indication to Test Battery and its Connections.

The only way the battery warning light can flash or flicker on and off is if the wire going from the alternator up to the body control ECU and combination meter is intermittently getting shorted to ground or the circuit in the alternator is losing current i.e. the alternator is not charging. It would be extremely unusual to see anything with the wiring and I would be inclined to believe that the problem is more than likely isolated in the alternator. The problem is getting it to act up and monitoring the alternator voltage and amperage output when the light is flashing. In some very rare cases I have seen where the alternator will actually still show some output but the light is still remaining on due to a malfunction in the alternator.

You can still drive the Vehicle. Provided the light only flickers occasionally this only means that intermittently the system is not charging correctly. If the problem becomes more constant and the light stays on for extended periods of time eventually it will run the battery down. The engine will not stop running unless the battery goes totally dead and the alternator quits completely.

But to solve the Problem i suggest to get  the alternator tested and take a small hammer and tap on the alternator to see if there's a loose connection inside the alternator and at the same time see if the battery light starts to flicker. This may require above your normal aftermarket repair shop testing procedures. The dealer may be able to provides some additional insight into the problem unless you go to an aftermarket repair shop that is specialized in electronic diagnosis and electrical repairs.

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