Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1999 Lexus GS300: Engine Cranking Fast but not Firing up?

The cranking is fat then usual crank.
But the Vehicle will not turn over.

Basically in this types of cases,mostly you will notice that Steady Check engine light comes on Dash.
The first thing you can do is get the Engine computer scanned at local auto garage store.This will let you know what error codes are stored in the computer,with the help of which the further troubleshooting can be done.
BUT if the check engine light is not coming ON,then this issue is related to issue with timing belt,
If the vehicle is run more then 150K miles and timing belt is not replaced then it has to be checked.

Quick cranking leads me to believe that the timing belt has broken or jump time. This will keep the engine from running. My recommendation would be to have this upper cover removed and have the timing belt inspected and/or replaced to confirm whether or not it is out of time.

This details will help.

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