Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2000 Toyota Corolla: Rear Door wont open from outside or inside?

In this types of cases,first check and confirm the movement of Locking knob.
Is the lock knob moving up and down freely to lock and unlock the door or its Stuck up hard.

If the Locking knob is moving freely,then its problem with door handle.
It is possible that the outer door handle has broken and the child safety lock was inadvertently left on, this would cause the inside door handle to not function. If the lock knob is lifting up and down smoothly this would rule out the latch mechanism itself being frozen. There is no easy way around this the door panel has to be removed with as little damage to it as possible with the door closed to gain access to the inside latch assembly where the door handle attaches or sometimes if you can drive a wooden wedge between the glass run in the door glass you may be able to look down inside the door panel from outside the vehicle to see what is broken on the handle.
The repair is not easy till the exact problem is confirmed.

This details will help.

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  1. Tap the back side of the hinge lightly with a hammer and straight screwdriver.