Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2004 Volkswagen Polo: OSR Door will not Open?

The O/S Rear door will not get open from inside or from outside.

There is a switch on the drivers door to unlock all doors, but if it won't unlock the o/s rear door. The door can't be opened from inside or outside.
This indicates that the deadlock is active and wont free up when key is used.

It sounds like the O/S Rear door latch has become defective, if you open the drivers door and look at the B post you should see the connector for the rear door, ensure this is connected 1st, if this is ok try disconnecting the car battery for 10 mins then reconnecting it , this will reboot the door control module , like you would reboot a computer, if this still doesnt work try operating the central door locking while bang aroung the area of the door handle and door latch area to try and free off the latch, once the door comes open i would be looking to replace the door latch, if it still wont open you will have to remove the rear seat and remove the door panel from the inside to gain access to the rear door latch and free off the door this way.
This are the basic which should be tried first,in most of cases this will help.
But if the O/S Rear door is still not getting open,then try more troubleshooting mentioned below:----

Further you will need to disconnect the window from the aluminum frame, if you look at the alley frame you should either see one large black grommet at the bottom of the frame in the middle, if you do you will have to remove this grommet and wind window down to bottom look through hole where grommet was and there wil be a plastic dowl going through window, you will need to knock this out, then you can lift window out, once this is out you can then remove alley frame, you may have to leaver away from door as they have a bonding agent on the alley frame, if your frame has 2 large black grommets half way up frame you will have to remove them , wind window half way down and loose both bolts clamping onto window, then you can lift window up and out, once you have taken the window out, and then removed the alley carrier you can then see the door latch, there may be a plastic cover over it that you may have to remove, you can then try and move linkages at door latch to try and open door, but sometimes you will have to tap with hammer and bar to free off latch to get door open, it wont be easy if you have to do this and be warned once open you probably wont be able to re-use the same latch or close the door until you fit a new latch,
Its not a easy task and quite a few times ive seen techs totally wreck the latch trying to get it out , so be carefull, Do it gently and go slow with this procedure.
Hope all goes well.

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