Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2001 Toyota Prius will not start?

Basically in most cases its seen that battery gets Kaput on Toyota Prius car models. This causes no start problem.

Check whether Multifunction display panel & speedometer display are working or not.If not then try this basics procedure.

You may have enough electricity to cause the peripheral electrical systems to operate but not enough to energize the hybrid main relay systems. It Is a quick easy test and check to do by simply applying a jumper cable to the 12 V battery.

Do you have a code reader that can read malfunction codes in the engine control computer?If yes then try reading code.

If the jumper cable procedure helps to light the Display,this clears that battery is issue.The is a good possibility. IF the battery is old I would replace it or at least have it checked at Auto Zone To start with.

If you notice that check engine light coming N and remaining steady on dash,then without forget get the error codes scanned,that are stored in your cars computer.The error codes will point towards the fault.

This will help.

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