Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Steering Wheel OFF center after installing New Pitman Arm?

Its a Alignment issue.The part is not Aligned properly.I suggest recheck the part fitting and position.Also recheck both new and old pitman length.

The only way the steering wheel can be off is if the splines on the pitman arm are at a different angle or location from the factory arm. This would cause the entire steering system to the off slightly one way for the other. Stabilizer links and idler arm along with the steering stabilizer will have nothing to do with the centering of the steering wheel.

It is not a matter of the splines being the wrong size, it is the positioning of the splines compared to the other Pitman arm if there off even slightly that is the only way the steering wheel could be off-center everything else is centered.
You either have to remove the Pitman arm center the steering wheel then reinstall or you have to remove the steering wheel and move it.

This details will help.

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