Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2002 Toyota Pickup: How to set Ignition timing?

After replacing the Timing chain,Cylinder head,timing chain covers.The Timing exceeds in some cases.For that issue the timing has to be set correctly.

To Set Ignition timing  jumper wire has to be installed in the check connector over by the fuse box next to the battery.

In order to set the ignition timing correctly a jumper wire has to be placed in the check connector link next to the fuse box. If you open this diagnostic box inside the lid you will find a terminal location map. Install a jumper wire between T-1 and E1 some of them show TE1 and E1. This is used to set the computer to base timing and to also check for malfunction codes in the engine control computer. Start the vehicle up and let it idle. Adjust the distributor to the standard-setting listed on the label under the hood which I believe is 5°. While monitoring the timing remove the jumper wire and see if the ignition timing jumps up 5 to 10° one removed.

This procedure will help to set the ignition timing.

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