Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2005 Lexus RX300: Rear Suspension Makes Noise while Driving Over Hump?

The Normal driving is fine OK,but the loud knocking is head when vehicle goes over hump.The noise is hear on rear suspension side.
There is no constant rattle or noise while driving, its just when you go over a hump.

The most common thing is going to be the stabilizer links. These go from the sway bar up to the strut. One on each side. Th joint wears and makes noise over bumps the next most common issue is the sway bar bushings that hold the sway bar to the body. The rubber bushings wear and make noise. The struts are normal coil over strut assemblies on the rear. If the oil has leaked out of the strut it will need replaced and can cause noise. These are the 3 most common things to check.

This troubleshooting inspection will lead towards the faulty worn out part causing this loud Knocking problem.
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