Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2004 Toyota Sienna: Replace Rear Brake Rotors?

The Procedure to replace Stuck up hard Rear Brake Rotors.Many a times the rotors don't come off easily.

You will see a disc mounting hole on a rear brake rotor.
The hole is put at the 6 o'clock position to use a screw driver to ratchet the star wheel to back them off if there is a ridge of rust on the inside keeping the rotors on. This adjustment will not keep the rotor from breaking loose from the hub. If it has not broken loose from the hub soak it with WD40 and run the 8x1.25 bolts in the holes and apply torque to the bolts evenly then whack the rotor with a hammer. It is frozen to the hub. Nothing holds the rotor on! but corrosion.

Please Note:--You can not see the star wheel it is by feel using a screwdriver to pry against the hole opening and the star wheel to rotate it.

The rotor has to free from the hub and loose then sticking on the e brake shoes.
BUT if its not coming off no matter how hard you hit it while using the 8m bolts evenly and rotor will not break free.
Try to heat the rotor up around the hub with a torch. Propane torch will work in a pinch it just takes longer. They whack the rotor with the bolts torqued done. Normally the bolts will pop the rotor.

This details will help.

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