Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2000 Toyota Camry: Transmission slipping and Stuck up?

Transmission will not move.

Basically in such cases you will notice that shifter will move in all gears but will not engaged to any gear.

In this cases first check the transmission fluid level,if its low get it changed, make it full.
If fluid is full ,then place it in the L position or Reverse is there any engagement or movement.

Also inspect that,When you move the shifter from Park to low does it seem extremely loose or does appear to have no notch feeling at all.
If its not feeling smooth and feeling hard rough while moving from park to low then,

What you're going to find and is very common on this particular transmission and vehicle is the shifter cable right at the pivot mechanism on the front side of the transmission has broken. If you locate the shift cable where it comes over top of the starter and down towards the front side of the transmission by the radiator you will see that the shifter cable is probably moving freely once someone moves the shifter mechanism and you're watching the cable at the lever on the transmission. You will probably need to replace the shifter cable. More than likely the transmission itself is fine. Properly inspect the cable at transmission lever.

The labor is about 1.5 to 2.0 hours times your local rate and the cable is about $225.

This details will help.

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