Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Toyota Prius: Replace Door Handle,mirror and door belt molding?

The Door components parts disassembly procedure.
The outside door handle ,outside mirror and door belt molding removal.

The outside handle is easy. Open the door and just up and to the outside of the door is a black plastic plug about 1 in. in diameter. Pop this out and then use a torx to remove the bolt. This will allow the lock portion of the outer handle to be removed. Then the handle itself will pop out by sliding it back and out. The mirror is removed by the 3 bolts once the plastic cover is popped of. The belt molding is a different part. There are only 7 clips holding the molding in place. They are tough to get disengaged without breaking them. You can try from the inside of the door and work you way down but it is tough.So please take your time,instead of getting it done quickly.

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