Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2006 Lexus RX450: Bearings making noise?

This types of noise can be either from wheel bearing or issue with brake system.

First inspect and confirm this basics :-----
Does the noise change with the intensity or frequency on the highway when you change lanes or put lateral load on either side of the vehicle?

How many miles are on the vehicle?

Are you getting any warning lights illuminated on the instrument panel for ABS or vehicle skid control?
If yes then get the error code scanned,that will point to faulty part.

This will help you to confirm whether its an issue with the wheel bearing to a point where maybe causing damage to the wheel speed sensor which would cause the warning lights illuminate indicating there was a malfunction. Based on your description it sounds like you're going to need to have the wheel bearing replaced. Doing the lateral load test on the highway by changing lanes putting lateral load on the left or right side depending on how you make a lane change will help determine which side is bad.

It is not likely anything other than a wheel bearing.If you can make the intensity or frequency of the noise change as I indicated by swaying the vehicle left and right this usually 100% of the time means a bad wheel bearing. Brakes normally will not make this kind of noise. That is either clicking or grinding sound. Typically that would be also felt in the brake pedal.

This details will help.

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