Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2007 Toyota Tundra: Faulty secondary Air Intake Valve on Bank Two?

Basically in this types of cases you will notice that VSC lights comes off.The vehicle will not travel more then 50 to 60 KMph.Also in some cases loss of power is noticed.

This is a common problem. Unfortunately is very expensive to repair this. Toyota came out with a extended warranty policy procedure to assist in replacing the air pumps and the diverter valves. The diverter valves are mounted on the backside of the intake manifold by the firewall. The upper intake Plenum has to be removed to replace this valve set. You need to contact your local Toyota dealer and give them the vehicle identification number and code numbers but they should be able to get this taken care for you under warranty. This can cause all of the other warning lights to go crazy and depending on what else is going on a loss of power.

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