Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2007 Toyota Camry: Rear Speaker Removal?

The details and procedure to replace Rear Speakers.
The back seat has to be removed.
Also rear side tray has to come out.

Those quarter panel interior trim pieces need to be removed in order to get the package tray out. The airbag or side curtain airbags should not be an issue.
The entire plastic panel is held on by pop clips. Normally what I do is start at the top by the headliner and pop it loose and work your way down towards the package tray itself. Once it is disengaged. It has to be lifted up and out. This will then free up the package tray to pop loose from the sheet-metal retaining clips.
The Panel Removal will not affect or AirBag System.

Do it gently and carefully.
This will help.

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