Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vehicle Control panel System Goes Crazy after getting Wet?

This types of problem is noticed on Sunroof Model vehicles.
Basically the problems like the rear air turns on sporatically, O/D light flickers, seat belt light flickers, brake light, security warning, etc.Will be noticed.
The first place to start is to make sure that the sunroof drains are not clogged. Open the sunroof and look in both the left front corner and right front corner and make sure the small holes are not plugged with debris. Then as far as electrical malfunctions remove both the left and right plastic kick panel. Look up inside At the electrical connectors in the junction blocks and see if there's any moisture or corrosion in these electrical connectors. When you have this type of electrical malfunction it usually is related to corrosion or water intruding into junction blocks relay blocks and electrical connectors themselves.

Getting this details properly inspected will help.

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